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$50K Scratch & Win cash and prizes + 20% off ANS Line Drive
$50K Scratch & Win cash and prizes + 20% off ANS Line Drive

PVL Water Tight 90 Caps

by PVL

WATER TIGHT is a full-strength diuretic, scientifically designed to aid in shedding excess water quickly, as well as enhancing muscle definition and reducing bloating. Our effective formula combines all the necessary ingredients to help you look tighter, faster - while not sacrificing your hard-earned muscle tissue! This complex formula also provides a jump start to the metabolism and all the important electrolytes to maintain potassium levels and avoid cramping.

  • Look Tighter, Faster!
  • Championship Definition
  • Formulated Without Banned Substances
  • No Hidden Ingredients


  • An Advanced 3-in-1 Diuretic Formula – Diuretic water loss, electrolyte balance, and tightening support
  • Including an Anti-Cramping Electrolyte Matrix
  • 6x More of the #1 Key Ingredient
  • No hidden ingredients
  • Quality Control Tested Beyond Comparison

GOLD SERIES BY PVL formulas are made for everybody that demands premium quality and performance. Our products are developed in collaboration with a select group of nutritionists, trainers, and both professional and amateur athletes - each formula is researched, tested, and athlete approved. WATER TIGHT is a formula proven to help you increase tightness and definition, in a safe but effective manner, when used as directed.

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