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Spend $150 Save 10%, Spend $250 Save 15%, Spend $350 Save 20%!
Spend $150 Save 10%, Spend $250 Save 15%, Spend $350 Save 20%!


Fat Burner Capsule

Want to lose weight? We got the solution with the fat burners in capsule.

Until we find a magic capsule to solve every problem with your body, fat burners are pretty much all there is, even if it's not perfect. To get results, there is only work and dietetic to achieve your objectives and by this way to lose fat.

This will increase your metabolism by maximizing fat burning, burning less calories per day and burning more calories during training.

There are 2 types of fat burners: one is a powder, the other one is a capsule. We have developed a range of similar products: non stimulant, food additives, keto.

At Popeye’s, we can provide you the best fat burner capsule supplements on the market in Canada & Ontario. We are here to help you to reach your goals.