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Bulk Discounts on Now! Buy More, Save More!!

Mammoth Shock 40 Servings

by Mammoth

Mammoth SHOCK: the new standard for high-intensity, high-dose pre-workout formulas. The effectiveness of its mixture of ingredients and clinical doses is convincing. Mammoth SHOCK will push your limits on performance, push-ups, muscle growth and activation, and power, focus and recovery.

"You are all under the SHOCK"

The SHOCK formula is designed for athletes who are looking to push themselves to the maximum during training. SHOCK's powerful multisensory ingredients have been specially chosen to modify physical performance. Expect more impressive muscle pumps, better performance, increased muscle growth, tenfold power, hyper-sharp concentration, and full muscle activation from the first intake.

The researchers conclude that these substances contribute to the accumulation of the main ingredients of the mixture in the body. After three weeks, you should expect an improvement in your endurance and a decrease in your state of fatigue during and after your workouts.

This modest 13 g serving is proof that these INGREDIENTS correspond to specific therapeutic/clinical doses, and that no unnecessary agents are present in our product. Each serving of SHOCK contains:

6000 mg | Citrulline Malate 2:1
1000 mg | Glycerol
Monostearate 1000 mg | Agmatine
sulfate 200 mg | Maritime pine (pine bark extract)

300 mg | Alpha-GPC
1000 mg | L-Taurine
100 mg | Vitamin C

80 mg | Synephrine.
400 mg | Caffeine
500 mg | Lion's Mane
Hydne Extract 5 mg | Huperzia serrata extract

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