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Oh! CANADA! Canadian brands sale on now
Oh! CANADA! Canadian brands sale on now

Magnum Quattro 4.5lb

by Magnum

QUATTRO Shake Series Chocolate & Vanilla will be temporarily taking the place of the Chocolate Love and Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream. The product is still the same that you've come to love with a slightly different taste and texture.

Q: Are these flavours replacing Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Love?                A: No. While the original Quattro flavours are out of stock due to supply issues, Magnum has introduced the Shake Series as temporary alternative options.

Magnum Quattro is a unique blend of four high-quality protein isolates. Isolates are the purest protein sources available, filtered to remove as much fat, lactose, and other non-protein constituents as possible. Formulated exclusively with protein isolates, Quattro delivers a high concentration of the essential amino acids your body needs for optimal results. Magnum Quattro is free of both lactose and gluten!

Every scoop of Magnum Quattro delivers 30 grams of protein through four absorption stages, contributing to a sustained positive nitrogen balance for up to six hours

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