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Spring Into Health Sale on Now! Great Savings!
Spring Into Health Sale on Now! Great Savings!

Blue Star Blade PM 120 Caps

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Collectively, the formulation for Blade PM™ makes for a very unique fat burning product with absolutely no-stimulants. To be taken with or after your last meal, the effects of Blade PM™, the first phase starts working immediately to reduce any further unhealthy cravings for the remainder of the night, and puts your body in a catabolic fat burning state to start your sleep off right. In the next phase, relaxants and sleep aids take over to ensure not only a quick onset of sleep but also an improved sleep quality through the night. A good night’s sleep is paramount to achieving fat loss goals via hormone regulation and metabolic transitions through the night lasting through to the next day. Without a high quality and
adequate duration of sleep, weight loss progress is nearly impossible. Finally, to boost fat burning during the night, the clinical doses of the world’s most powerful, yet non-stimulatory, fat burning agents are used to optimize the metabolic pathways fat-burning while you sleep. This three phase approach makes Blade PM™ a one-of-a-kind tool to any fat loss goals.