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$50K Scratch & Win cash and prizes + 20% off ANS Line Drive
$50K Scratch & Win cash and prizes + 20% off ANS Line Drive

ATP Gluco Control 90 Caps

by ATP


For the optimal balance of blood sugar and blood lipids. Frequent, prolonged, and heightened elevations of blood glucose are detrimental to overall health. When taken with a meal, glucco control improves glucose (blood sugar) metabolism, absorption, and utilization. Resulting in improvements to HbA1C, blood glucose, blood lipids, and insulin sensitivity.

Features and Who It’s For:

  • Can be used regular by those needing additional blood sugar support; can be used periodically to help metabolize large meals and/or “cheat meals”
  • Controls hunger and cravings
  • Trace minerals Vanadium and Chromium improve glucose sensitivity and aid fat loss when deficient
  • Quercetin is a bioflavonoid shown to decrease post meal glycemia (blood sugar levels)
  • Aids metabolic health including blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and triglycerides
  • Manufactured in a cGMP and Informed Choice Certified lab