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ATP Aromatek 60 Caps

by ATP


Due to environmental exposure to toxins, processed diets, and inactivity, the male body becomes more susceptible to accumulated levels of aromatase - an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Symptoms associated with this include gynecomastia, weight gain, low libido and energy. Aromatek is scientifically formulated to address excess levels of male aromatase and estrogen, to restore optimal hormonal balance.

Features and Who It’s For:

  • Supports optimal male testosterone levels
  • Mitigates excess levels of DHT in aging men by inhibiting 5-alpha reductase
  • Therapeutic doses of anti aromatase ingredients including Pygeum Bark, Grape Seed Extract, and Chrysin
  • 25mg of patented BioResponse DIM; the only DIM used in clinical studies
  • No side effects or withdrawal that are associated with “test boosters”
  • Works synergistically with ATP Labs Alpha Jack
  • Manufactured in a cGMP and Informed Choice Certified lab