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$8K BEST BUY Magnum Giveaway & Canadian Brands Sale on NOW!

ANS Fresh1 Vegan Omega-3 200ml

by ANS

Premium Vegan Omega-3 200mL

FRESH1 Vegan OMEGA-3 is a premium high potency formula:

  • Every teaspoon contains 1000mg of marine-based EPA - DHA triglycerides from algae(Schizochytrium spp.)
  • Support Cognitive Function
  • Promote Eye Health and Vision
  • Reduce Inflammation and Support Cardiovascular Health
  • Fight Depression and Anxiety
  • Non-GMO; Pure; Fermented and Solvent-free
  • 40 High-Potency servings per bottle

Delicious all-natural vegan OMEGA-3s!

FRESH1 Vegan Omega-3 is an all-natural product delivering 1000mg of combined EPA and DHA triglycerides per teaspoon serving. Omega-3 fatty acids are critical to proper brain development and function as well as mental health. They also fight inflammation and support cardiovascular health.

FRESH1 Vegan Omega-3 is made with the patented Life's OMEGA source of algae-derived EPA and DHA. It is naturally sourced, fermented and sustainably harvested to ensure that the marine ecosystem is not impacted. It is non-GMO and solvent-free. You can trust the FRESH1 vegan lineup of products for all you vegan supplement needs!