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$8K BEST BUY Magnum Giveaway & Canadian Brands Sale on NOW!
$8K BEST BUY Magnum Giveaway & Canadian Brands Sale on NOW!

WTF Protein Cream 250g


MAX Protein's What The Fudge (WTF) Protein Cream presents the most amazing tasting protein creams! WTF gives a surprisingly delicious touch to your pancakes, cakes, waffles, toasts, rice cakes and everything else you can imagine.

  • Oh Reolly? Will leave you amazed! Enjoy a cream with all the flavour of your favourite Black Max Cookies.
  • Choco Peanuts. Enjoy the unmistakable flavour of peanut butter with a white chocolate coating. The perfect balance between white chocolate and salty peanuts.
  • Speculol. Brings together all the flavour of traditional cinnamon cookies, contains real cookie bits!
  • Very Good. A delicious white toasted hazelnut cream that will surprise you from the first bite.
  • CocoChoc. A coconut bonbon flavoured cream.
  • Pink Dream. Transports you to the classic taste of a cream-filled sponge cake with a pink chocolate coating.
  • Shut Up! It's My Birthday. An explosive party in your mouth, with the flavor of a traditional birthday cake with colored spinkles inside.