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Nutrabolics Semtex 60 Caps (See disclaimer)


*Please note that due to the ingredient Higenamine anyone participating in tested sports should refrain from taking this product*



SEMTEX’s™ multi-phase fat-burning system works across multiple levels of the fat burning cycle, from accelerating fatty acid uptake and increasing body core temperature to elevating mood and reducing cravings during tough dieting. To help achieve, SEMTEX's® core power stems from its inclusion of the unique active, TeaCrine.®

TeaCrine® is a potent nootropic that has molecular similarities to caffeine, however, it's subtle, yet significant differences help athletes and professionals take their game to the next level without the jitters, crash or habituation of cheap caffeine products. In several studies with human subjects, researchers found that TeaCrine® significantly enhanced energy levels while avoiding a fatigued crash. Unlike caffeine or other cheap stimulants, the energy boosting effects of TeaCrine ® have been shown to last for hours! When SEMTEX’s™ 200mg maximum legal dose of TeaCrine® is combined with key thermogenic and energy optimizers it creates a multi-phase, synergistic effect for the ultimate fat-burning firestorm.